In 1983, the Architectural Foundation of Santa Barbara (AFSB) established a Scholarship Grants program to focus on the profession of architecture with a generous donation from major founder and Santa Barbara Architect, Pierre Claeyssens. Since that time new funders have joined to increase the funding and yearly grants. To date, over $1,300,000 has been given to students studying in the fields of Architecture in Santa Barbara County.

The annual awards generally exceed $50,000 and distributed to 15-20 students. AFSB partners with the Scholarship Foundation of Santa Barbara, a local non – profit, to maintain the funds and do the administrative work to select the recipients based upon AFSB’s directive criteria.

An annual Scholarship Reception and Awards Ceremony is held each year at an inspired location to celebrate and honor the students who have received awards that year.

AFSB encourages and embraces the scholarship recipients to be involved and serve their communities as they pursue their careers and is delighted when some have returned to Santa Barbara and joined AFSB to be part of the team as program volunteers and Directors on our Board.

The following are the AFSB Scholarship Funds:

  • AFSB Scholarship Fund – This general fund is for exceptional students studying Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Architectural History, Architectural Preservation, or Urban Planning.
  • Lutah Maria Riggs Fund – This fund honors Santa Barbara’s own pioneer Architect who was the first woman to be named a Fellow of the American Institute of Architects – the highest honor bestowed upon AIA members and who designed some of Santa Barbara’s most beloved and prominent structures.  This fund goes to a student showing exceptional scholastics in their field of study.
  • Ken Kruger Fund – Ken Kruger was a beloved Santa Barbara Architect and a fellow of the American Institute of Architects. This memorial fund  is offered to a student showing an understanding of the importance of giving back to the community
  • Santa Barbara Beautiful Fund – Santa Barbara Beautiful is a non- profit and longtime partner of the Architectural Foundation involved with the promotion and appreciation of the importance of beauty in architecture and landscape architecture. This fund focuses on a student showing commitment in their field of study and excellence in their internship or work experience.
  • The Sustainability Project Fund – The Sustainability Project of Santa Barbara for years highlighted, educated, and promoted the importance of Sustainability in our world and especially in the built environment. This fund is designated for the student who demonstrates interest and understanding of the importance of design that addresses sustainability for a healthy environment.
  • Cassandra Ensberg & Tom Jacobs Art in Architecture Fund – Cassandra Ensberg is the second woman architect to become a fellow of the American Institute of Architects from the AIA Santa Barbara Chapter. She and her architect partner and husband Tom Jacobs have created this Art in Architecture fund to recognize a student who shows ability and understanding of the importance and essential connection between Art and Architecture.

Anyone interested in contributing to the AFSB Scholarship Funds or creating a new scholarship should contact AFSB at 805-965-6307. For those wanting to apply for a scholarship, you can find more information on the Scholarship Foundation of Santa Barbara website.

Scholarship Recipients Thank AFSB

Many scholarship recipients have expressed their gratitude for our support of their education in the fields of architecture, landscape architecture, and planning.

“Thank you so much for the scholarship, your support means a lot to myself and my parents. Truly, without the support of organizations such as The Architectural Foundation, I would not be planning the beginning of my college education.” – Adrian Rodriguez

“I am especially grateful that you are supporting women in this mainly ‘male-dominated’ industry. In helping me financially I can rest easier that I will not be in complete debt when graduating from school. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your generosity.”- Crystal E. Chen, Woodbury University

“I am very thankful that your organization has chosen me as a scholarship recipient again this year. It has taken a huge financial burden off of my family.” – Ken Farris, UC Berkeley

“The Cal Poly Architecture program is notoriously rigorous and time-consuming. My mother doesn’t want me to work during my freshman year so I could focus on school. Until this grant came, we couldn’t really afford that luxury. This grant has taken the place of a part-time job and now I won’t worry about my mother’s financial stress so much.” – Kathryn Greenup, Cal Poly SLO

“Not only has my education been providing me with the creative problem-solving skills necessary for professional practice, but I have also just had the most incredible college experience here in SLO! You all at the Architectural Foundation are supporting the future generations of architecture and I thank you.”
Eric Holiday, Cal Poly SLO

“Being awarded this grant by your Foundation is a great honor and an indication that I am on the right path. For this assurance, I thank you again.” – Stephen Hubert, Cal Poly SLO

“I am honored to say thank you for your generosity for the Santa Barbara Scholarship Foundation, particularly the Architectural Foundation of Santa Barbara scholarship. As a junior, intending on majoring in architecture in UC Berkeley College of Environmental Design, I am planning on pursuing my career as a set designer. The scholarship will further help me receive the education I need to become a successful designer.” – Do-Eun Jeong, UC Berkeley

“With the help of the Santa Barbara Scholarship Foundatio,n I was able to put all of my focus on school and not worry about finding ways to stay in school or hunting for jobs. Without having to worry about coming up with money for school I was able to excel in my architecture classes.” – Brianna Wiley, Cal Poly SLO